S03E21: Moving Internationally with Kids: What to Expect and How to Help Them

October 05, 2016 By Donna Bardsley 0 Comments

For a large percentage of the families in the Amsterdam Mamas community, moving to Amsterdam entailed a change in country and culture – a difficult enough adjustment for most adults, let alone children. Yet this change is often brushed aside with the retort “kids are so resilient, they can adjust to anything!” But international moves are not always an easy adjustment for children to make, taking many parents by surprise.

In this episode, we sit down with Amsterdam-based child psychologist Kate Berger to find out what it’s like for kids in an international move and how to help them with the adjustment. Kate is the founder of The Expat Kids Club, where she works with expatriate and third-culture kids living in non-native environments.

Topics discussed with Kate:

  • The ways that an international move can be disrupting to a child
  • What outward behavioral issues might arise after an international move
  • The concept of resiliency in children, and what it really looks like
  • What tools parents can use to help their child navigate the adjustment
  • How to deal with parent guilt
  • How an international move can benefit children
  • What services she offers through The Expat Kids Club

If you’re considering an international move with your children, don’t miss this episode!

We also talk to 4 different families, brand new to the Netherlands, and find out what it’s like for them in the thick of an international move. And then we learn about an exciting new project in Amsterdam, Hiraeth Magazine, exploring the ideas around migration and the feeling of home.

Show notes:

The Expat Kids Club (also on Facebook

Mindfulness International

Families in Global Transition

Hiraeth (launching in Spring 2017, submit at info@hiraethmagazine.com)

The British School in the Netherlands

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