Quick Guide: Summer Holidays

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If you are beginning to think of what the warmer days ahead will hold for you and yours, take a look at some of Amsterdam Mamas’ travel guides. Real parents, real kids, real experiences.

The Netherlands

Don’t overlook the many beautiful destinations within The Netherlands itself: beautiful coastline, historic cities and towns, amusement parks, and forests.

Holiday Destinations Within The Netherlands

A Weekend on Texel

Summer Travels Near and Far

Stay in a Castle in Domburg


Spain and Portugal

The Iberian Peninsula is filled with glorious cities, stunning scenery, warm people, and delicious food.





Algarve, Portugal


France has it all - mountains, beaches, castles, quiet country towns, glittering cities, and the je ne sais quoi that is so French.


Disneyland Paris

Brittany: Biking Holiday


Central Europe

Mountains, castles, charming cities, river valleys - the center of Europe has innumerable places to see and things to do ...






Poland: Stay in a kid-friendly palace

Romania: Stay in the Prince of Wales’ Transylvanian Guesthouse

Slovenia: Go Green in the Julian Alps

Italy and Greece

Sun soaked Mediterranean towns and beaches, ancient ruins, vibrant people, and loads of crowd pleasing food, you can’t go wrong visiting either of these ‘classics’.




United Kingdom and Ireland

Beyond the exuberance of London there is a vast and beautiful countryside and coastline filled with friendly, cozy, accomodations and people in the UK, and the Emerlad Isle lives up to its image of being green and friendly.


Ireland Glamping



Are you ready for a very long, beautiful, day? Go north and experience the natural wonders and beauty of Scandinavia in the summer!


Norway: Hiking

Denmark: Legoland Billum

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