Volunteer With Us

Your community needs you!

If you love being a part of the Amsterdam Mamas community and would like to give something back then come and join our volunteer team.

As of March 2019 we are looking for people to fill the following roles:-

  • Community Administrator,
  • Communications Manager,
  • Newsletters Manager,
  • Weekend Round Up Team Members,
  • Web Content Manager - Partnerships,
  • Writers/Compilers/Researchers (for articles),
  • Podcast Co-Host/Co-Producer,
  • Podcast Story Scout,
  • Podcast Team Members, 
  • Volunteer Administrator.

If any of these vacancies interest you then please contact us at our email address volunteer@amsterdam-mamas.nl for more details. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


Jo Flanagan

Volunteer Manager

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About us

Welcome to the largest and fastest growing parenting community in the city. Bringing you everything you need, to be the family that you want.

Amsterdam Mamas is a volunteer-run foundation providing information and support to international parents in Amsterdam and the surrounding regions.