Are you an Amsterdam Mama?

Is this you?

  • You’ve lived in the city for years enjoying all it has to offer, and now you’re pregnant, you need to rediscover the city all over again through the eyes of your child. You’ve got questions, mostly to do with shopping for maternity clothes, availability of changing tables in cafes and the best place to give birth.

We’ve got answers.

  • You’ve just found out that you will be relocating your family to Amsterdam and you need information right now about neighbourhoods, schools and friends for your kids. Most importantly you need to know that it is all going to work out ok for all of you.

Spoiler: It is

  • You’ve been raising your family for several years now in what is, let’s be honest, the best city for families in Europe with the happiest kids in the world. You’re a busy parent, always on the go and you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest goings on in the city for families. You don’t have time to check multiple websites. You need it all right there, right now, at your fingertips, and preferably on your smartphone.

Us too!

Because we are mamas, just like you, and we needed a community - so we built one.

Whether you are new to Amsterdam, new to parenthood or just passing through Amsterdam Mamas is the only website you will need as a family in the city.

We are your #1 guide, your advocates and your tribe as you navigate family life in the city.

We want to make things easy for you. If you leave your name and e-mail address in the form below then we will deliver the essential news and information straight to your inbox, free of charge and free of spam. Every Thursday we send thousands of parents the incredibly popular Weekend Round Up containing all the family friendly activities around the city in the coming days so you can plan your weekends.

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Welcome to the largest and fastest growing parenting community in the city. Bringing you everything you need, to be the family that you want.

Amsterdam Mamas is a volunteer-run foundation providing information and support to international parents in Amsterdam and the surrounding regions.