S01E06: Meet the Amsterdam Mamas Team Show Notes

November 25, 2015 By Donna Bardsley 0 Comments

This episode is dedicated to all the Amsterdam Mamas volunteers, past, present, and future – thank you all.

On this episode, we meet the Amsterdam Mamas team, learn more about The Village Card, and meet our first Volunteer of the Month.

Amsterdam Mamas is run by volunteers, and at the center is our core team who keep us going each day. We think they are pretty amazing, and that you should get to know them better. The things you can learn about our team:

  • Who wanted to be ballerina (spoiler: not just one person)
  • Who has to have things clean and organized in the AM office before she can work
  • Who is our token morning person
  • Which three team members wanted to be teachers, and then decided it wasn’t for them
  • Who grew up in a town so small there was no high school
  • Who wanted to be a park ranger
  • Who once worked as a bouncer
  • Who wanted to be a “computer whiz”
  • Who can give you great restaurant recommendations


And don’t miss our team’s tips for enjoying Amsterdam.

We talk to our Village Card Manager, Media, about the benefits of the card, and why you should purchase one today. (And one for a friend, too!)

Finally, we visit the Amsterdam Mamas Book and Film Club’s discussion night, to track down our first Volunteer of the Month. Our core team members are not our only volunteers, of course! We rely on a small army of volunteers, and because we think they are the best in the city, we’ll be highlighting one of our volunteers each month. We can’t thank our volunteers enough.


Show Notes:

Volunteer for Amsterdam Mamas!

The Village Card (email: thevillagecard@amsterdam-mamas.nl)

The Amsterdam Mamas Book and Film Club

Urban Arrow

The Museum Card

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