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As parents, it is our job to take good care of our children, but we often forget the importance of taking care of ourselves in the process. With this in mind, Amsterdam Mama Catina Tanner visited Corpus Rub, a massage salon in Amsterdam Zuid. Read on to find out how she got on.

Feeling at Home is the First Step to Relaxing

If you are a parent who has moved far away from your family, then you might value the importance of feeling at home. Salon owner and expat Lee Herman strove to create this feeling in her salon when she opened Corpus Rub 11 years ago.

When you walk through the front door of Corpus Rub you feel a warmth, not only from the friendliness of the staff but also from the atmosphere in general. I felt at home immediately and my guilt for treating myself quickly faded away.

After putting on my slippers, I was led to the waiting area. It looked much like the living room I would love to have once the kids move out.

I sat down on the big fluffy couch and felt like I should curl up between the pillows, close my eyes and just breathe - something I wish I could do more often in my own home.

And that is where I met one of Corpus Rub’s long-time clients, Shay. Shay was just done with her massage and sat down beside me to enjoy a cup of tea in the lounge area. She seemed to glow so I had to ask which massage she had -- I wanted to glow too.  We began to chat and I discovered that Shay was a full-time working mother. She explained that it was especially hard to find a good salon when moving to a new place, and it happened that her friend lived above the salon so she had decided to try it out. And she hasn’t stopped coming since that first massage with Lee.

Listening to Clients’ Needs

After my chat with Shay, it was time for my massage. Lee walked me down to the lower level to the massage room that felt more like a dimly-lit, comfy bedroom without the kid's toys strewn all over it.

It was time for me to choose which type of massage I wanted and which part of my body needed it the most. Thankfully, Lee was able to help with my choice.  "I always listen first to my client’s needs," she says, "especially since no two bodies are the same".

Lee explained that Corpus Rub offers several different techniques: Classic, Sport, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Foot reflexology, Trigger Point, and Indian Head Massage.  After a brief run-down on my aches and pains, we decided I desperately needed to relieve stress in my head, neck, and shoulders with a deep tissue massage.

She knew exactly which points to focus on. Soon I was half asleep, drooling, and dreaming my kids were on a long weekend away at grandma’s house.

I was then asked a very important question that no other masseuse has ever asked me: how sensitive am I to pressure? I had to think a minute, but I quickly remembered how my last massage went and answered, "very sensitive."

I could tell Lee really cared about her clients’ needs. She applied the perfect amount of pressure as she worked her magic on my rock-hard shoulders. It was just like Shay said, “Hands down, Lee gives the best massage." 

It had been a year since my last massage and I could feel the tension lifting. She knew exactly which points to focus on. Soon I was half asleep, drooling, and dreaming my kids were on a long weekend away at grandma’s house.

I could have spent the night on the table, but Lee had more clients coming. So I peeled myself up and promised I had to pamper myself again soon.

International Staff Offer a Unique Experience for Clients

After my treatment, Lee told me a little bit about her salon. Corpus Rub has over 20 masseurs that come from all over the world. Clients benefit from this cultural diversity, as each masseur brings their own unique training and experience. Whether it's a hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, or foot reflexology, there is bound to be the perfect fit for you at the salon.

I enjoyed a 30-minute massage, but the salon offers 45, 60, and 90-minute massages. Another quality that sets Corpus Rub apart from other salons is that the masseurs have a 30-minute break in between clients to prevent them from being too tired. Also, the salon is conveniently open seven days a week, and on most days it stays open until 22:00.

Clients Keep Coming Back

One thing that really impressed me when I was speaking with Shay was that she had been coming to corpus rub for 10 years. When I asked what keeps her coming back, she replied: “Once you find a good masseuse, you have to stick with her”. 

Shay will be moving out of Amsterdam soon but, no matter what, she plans to make trips back into the city to Corpus Rub. And it seems Shay is not the only loyal customer. Lee says that most of her customers are long term and now I know why: Lee has created a salon that feels like home, one where you always feel welcome and can truly relax...without hearing someone yell mama.

Corpus Rub offers both therapeutic and relaxing massages. If you would like to find out more about the services offered by Corpus Rub, then please visit their website.

Note: The company in this post has paid to be featured on Amsterdam Mamas because they believe that their services would be of interest and benefit to our readers, and we think so too. For more information on sponsored posts and advertising on Amsterdam Mamas, please see our Advertising and Disclosure policy.

Catina Tanner is an expat mother of two enjoying the rollercoaster ride of being a a land far, far away. You can read more about her adventures over at her blog The Amsterdam Mama.

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