Introducing Reshopper: The Easy Way to Buy and Sell Family Items

September 10, 2017 By Becky Riddle 0 Comments

For buyers and sellers of second-hand items for babies and children, there is a new app which has simplified life for busy parents. Becky Riddle finds out more.

Reshopper: Great for Your Wallet, Your Community and the Environment Too!

Do you have a need for a kid-related item? Short of cash and time? Need to find it locally?

Do you have a ton of perfectly good kiddie items filling your house that were loved but no longer required? Want to make a little cash and extra space?

Tired of spending ages scouring the internet, scrolling through various groups and websites past masses of irrelevant items trying to locate that must-have, only to find you must pay a fortune to have it posted or need to travel two hours to collect?

There is a new FREE app in town that may just save your sanity and help you avoid these frustrations! It is called Reshopper and Becky Riddle recently had an opportunity to experience this convenient app for herself.

What is Reshopper?

Reshopper is a mobile app that provides a safe, easy, local platform for buying and selling your kiddie-related items. Available for iPhone or Android, it is a quick and simple way to locate a bargain that could be in your possession within the time it takes to pop out for a coffee, wherever you are.

How Does it Work?

With a clean and easy-to-use interface, you can set your location (either manually or via GPS), set your search criteria, or set up a personalised filter, press ‘show items’ and Hey presto! The image and the price of relevant items within your chosen area are shown in a scrollable list. How fab is that?

Tap the item that takes your fancy and leave a comment for the seller who will receive notification on their phone and respond so you can arrange between the two of you how you can become the proud new owner of the item in question.

As Reshopper works through an app on your smartphone - and we as a society do not seem to be able to go anywhere without our smartphones nowadays - you can locate items that are where you are - wherever you are - at the time you are browsing through the app. This love affair we have with our smartphones also means that you and the seller will be able to connect quickly and chat in real-time as they are likely to have their phones with them at the time you are commenting on an item you are interested in.

Can I Sell Items too?

Selling items is just as easy – if not easier! It takes but a few minutes to enter your details and set up your shop. For safety, you can choose to hide your address; the app will then only show approximate location and not the exact address, which you can give to interested buyers once they contact you.

You then build your shop contents using your smartphone to quickly capture a picture of the item you want to sell, enter a few basic details about the item to help the search functions and tap ‘create item’. Your items then magically appear in your shop and are shown on the lists seen by the Reshopper buyers. You can then sit back and wait for those comments to start rolling in from interested buyers who are in your area and wish to collect from you a.s.a.p.

The More the Merrier!

As a bonus, Reshopper is a nice way to personally connect with people in your local community. Who knows, your next best friend may just be round the corner and you had no idea until you connected through an old (to them – new to you) pair of children’s shoes or jigsaw puzzle!

By downloading Reshopper, you will be joining thousands of parents already successfully using it in Denmark, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands.  

Obviously, the more people who are using the app, the more likely you are to find local buyers for your items or that must-have for yourself (aka your kid). So why not help build the strength of our supportive Amsterdam parenting community? Spread the word and start using Reshopper to recycle those much-loved and needed kiddie items.

Visit the Reshopper website in Dutch or English to find out more or read the Reshopper story.

Note: Reshopper has paid to be featured on Amsterdam Mamas because they believe that their services would be of interest and benefit to our readers, and we think so too. For more information on sponsored posts and advertising on Amsterdam Mamas, please see our Advertising and Disclosure policy.

Becky Riddle is a full-time mom (and self-confessed jack of all trades yet master of none!) who has been living, growing, learning, and loving with her English family of 3 girls and husband in the Netherlands since 2006.

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