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Hands-on sessions to encourage creativity, imagination and introduce your little one to the fun world of art

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Toddler dance classes for 2&3 year olds, Kleuter dance classes for 4&5 year olds... Running, jumping, rolling, crawling, falling down and then ‘picking yourself up again’….Constant movement helps young kids discover the world around them.

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Messy Play Amsterdam is currently only providing sessions for creche, school and birthday groups. Due to a change in family circumstances Messy Play Amsterdam is unable to provide regular sessions.
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The children between 2,5 and 4 years old explore, play, let their imagination run wild and are in contact with other kids while practising and improving their Spanish skills. During the lesson the language becomes and important tool to express themselves and to interact with other kids.

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Create a masterpiece inspired by a beautiful story.

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Singing workshop for beginners (6-8 yrs) and 9-13 yrs.

Does your child like to sing? This workshop is all about practising and enjoying singing in a group. Learn how to control your voice, sing in harmony and explore new musical genres.

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The EBS is a  well established  school in Amsterdam south, offering a varied programme o

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Our Toddler Sense programme is an Adventure Play activity that has been designed to build skills acquired at Baby Sensory. Toddler Sense is an exciting introduction into learning through play and games. Our Toddler Classes include great music, equipment, games and new ideas!

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Unleash your child’s imagination every school holiday. Our creative break program allow children to explore a wide art and creative activities. Children work alongside talented teaching artists to learn new skills, develop their interests, collaborate with peers and create their own work.

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Jacaranda Tree Montessori is Amsterdam’s only Montessori playgroup and welcomes parents with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers up to 4 years old. Children use child-sized equipment, develop independence and concentration, and develop responsibility for themselves, the environment and others.

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We offer playful, creative and imaginative classes for children aged from 2 to 10 years old. Kids learn theatre and dance skills, develop confidence and have great fun!

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Flamenco dance lessons for children between 4 and 9 years old. Kids learn in a dynamic and fun way the different flamenco rhythms such us rumba or sevillanas while they are developing their coordination and psycho motor skills.

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